How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

Cancel Web Subscription

In order to cancel your subscription on the Web, follow the steps listed below:

  • Go to
  • On the dashboard, click on the down arrow given on the top bar. 
  • Click Subscription.
  • On the manage Subscription page, scroll down and click on Cancel Subscription

This process will cancel your subscription and subsequently, you won't be charged from the next billing period. However, you would be able to use the premium features for the current period you have already been charged for. 

Cancel on Android

In order to cancel the subscription on your Android device, follow the steps listed below:

    • Go to your Statusbrew account dashboard on the Android device.
    • Go to the Preferences menu from the top bar.
    • Tap "Check for updates".
    • On the application page in the Play Store, you will find your subscription plan along with the cancel button. 
    • Tap Cancel.

    Cancel on iOS

    • Go to Preferences menu on the top left when logged in to the Statusbrew dashboard. 
    • Tap on Manage Subscription.
    • This will redirect you to the App Store Subscriptions page.
    • Choose Statusbrew app from the list to manage subscription.
    • You can turn off the Automatic Renewal option to cancel the subscription. The subscription stops at the end of the ongoing billing cycle, till then you will be able to use the premium service.

    Note - You should be logged in with the same Apple ID on your iOS device through which the Statusbrew subscription was purchased.