Delete Statusbrew Account FAQs

1. How Do I Delete My Statusbrew Account?

  • You cannot delete your Statusbrew account. But you can change the status from active to an inactive account. You can remove the social profile connected to the Statusbrew account from the dashboard once you are logged in to the Statusbrew account. You can do so by going to the Profiles tab button and then from the three dot menu on the profile you will find the option to remove profile. 

    This means that your Statusbrew account will become inactive and you are not required to do anything else. As and when you decide to use Statusbrew again, all you need to do is log in and connect a social profile.

2. I Want To Completely Remove My Details From Statusbrew. What Should I Do?

  • Once your account becomes inactive as no social profile is connected, this is the last step that you can perform, in accordance with the Statusbrew Terms of Service, till you log in again. 

3. I Have Paid Statusbrew Account. How Can I Delete The Account?

  • If you have a paid subscription to Statusbrew, kindly cancel the subscription first. Then remove the connected profiles in order to deactivate the Statusbrew account.