What Are Different Types Of Subscription Plans On Statusbrew?

Whether you are an individual or working in teams, Statusbrew has subscription plans for every user. Statusbrew plans support users who sign up for personal use or to manage their brands, businesses as social media agencies and marketers. 

There are three plans on Statusbrew:

Basic Plan - Sign - up for free on Statusbrew

The Basic Plan on Statusbrew lets the user signup for free and connect one social profile per network. Statusbrew provides integrations for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus. The user gets access to basic features of Audience and limited options in social publishing.

Essential Plan - For Individuals

For individuals looking to manage social marketing across networks, this plan includes the basic tools to get you started. The Essential Plan lets you:

  • Connect 10 social profiles (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus) and schedule posts.

  • Perform advance audience management and growth operations on Twitter and Instagram.

  • With the ability to purchase additional Essential Plan Units, a user can add more profiles to the Statusbrew account. Each Unit increased the ability to add 10 social profiles.

Business Plan - For Teams

The Business Plan is for the Organization account type on Statusbrew for businesses, brands, marketers and agencies working in teams:

  • Business Plan, in addition to the features in Essential Plan, lets users manage 10 Twitter Sources per unit purchase.

  • Add 2 team members and manage workflows.

  • With each additional purchase of a Business Plan Unit, a user can add 2 team members, 10 social profiles and 10 Twitter Sources.
Statusbrew Pricing Plans Comparison


To compare different subscription plans, features on Statusbrew and upgrade visit Statusbrew Pricing.