What Is Magic Link Sign-in On Statusbrew?

Magic link sign-in is a simple 2-step method to sign-in to the Statusbrew mobile app. It is an easy, fast and secure way for users to sign-in without the need to remembering their passwords.

  • Each magic link is unique and can be used only once till it expires.
  • Each link is valid for upto 24 hours. After it expires unused, you need to request a new link to sign-in.

Read below to find out how the magic link sign-in works:

Step 1: Request Magic Link

On opening the Statusbrew app on mobile, on the login screen you are asked to enter the email address that is already registered with your account. Upon entering the email you request a magic link to be sent to the aforementioned email address.


Enter email


Request Link


Link Sent

Step 2: Authenticate

After you click open the magic link, you will be redirected to an authentication page on the web browser in the mobile. This is where the system runs security protocols and checks to verify that the email used to sign in is valid and so is the link used to sign in.








Once authenticated is over, just confirm to go to the dashboard of your Statusbrew account.