Twitter Profile Re-authentication FAQs

Refer to the frequently asked questions listed to help troubleshoot issues with Twitter re-authentication on Statusbrew.

1. Why Do I Need To Re-authenticate My Twitter Profile Repeatedly?

  • Twitter does that when your profile comes under scrutiny for aggressive actions. Twitter marks profile as aggressive when your following to followers ratio is very high. Not posting content that the people you are connected with find useful or when you don't engage with them much could be considered spamming by Twitter. Such user behavior is considered unhealthy, as Twitter according to its guidelines aims to provide an informative and quality experience to all its users.  You could also refer to the following article that spells out Twitter's guidelines regarding expected user behavior, that Statusbrew also adheres to, here

2. What Should I Do After Re-authenticating?

  • Thereafter, try to perform the follow-unfollow actions in a very balanced manner. Make sure you also post Tweets and engage with your followers regularly. This is the best way to avoid coming under Twitter's scrutiny and also maintain a healthy presence on the social network.

3. How Long Do I Wait Before Performing Follow/Unfollow Actions Again?

  • After re-authenticating the Twitter profile, it is recommended that you wait for at least 24 hours before resuming to perform any follow/unfollow actions. You should take care that these actions are performed in a very balanced manner.

4. What Should I do To Avoid Repeated Authentications?

  • In order to avoid being asked to re-authenticate your Twitter profile again and again, follow the recommendations listed below:

          - Perform follow-unfollow actions in a very balanced manner.

          - Ensure that you post engaging Tweets regularly on your timeline.

          - Start conversations and engage more with your followers.

          - Maintain a healthy following to followers ratio.

          - Do not follow extraordinarily high number of people compared to the number of your own followers.