How Do I Apply Multiple Filters To My Twitter Audience?

The best way to sort out users from your Audience is by using Filters. A Filter is a set of restrictions applied to your Audience with which you can hide away unwanted users and view only the most relevant profiles who comply with the conditions defined by you. By using multiple filters simultaneously, you can further narrow down to most relevant profiles. The filters we provide are categorized as Quick and Advance (Activity and Demographics) Filters.

How To Apply One Or More Filters?

In order to apply filters, follow the steps given below:

  • Login to your Statusbrew account by visiting

  • Choose the social profile from the dashboard to view Audience.

  • Select a Criteria from the left column of the activity screen. For example, fans or mutual follow back
  • Filter menu will be shown to the left of your activity screen. You can choose from Quick or Advanced (Activity or Demographic) filters.

  • Choose the filters as per your requirement.

  • You can even apply multiple filters. For example, when you apply 'Private profile type' filter along with a 'Language filter like Spanish' and 'Exclude criteria to exclude Whitelisted users', the result will show all the Spanish users with Private profiles, excluding anyone you've added to Whitelist.

multiple filters

After applying the filters, a refined list of users will appear on your Activity screen and the filter 'Funnel icon' on the top bar above filters shows the counter for the number of filters applied by you. You may click it to view or reset all the Filters applied by you.

Filter Funnel

Subsequently, you can perform different actions such as you can Follow, apply Tags or add those users to Whitelist.

Learn more about Filters, applying filters based on user Activity and Demographics.