How Do I Filter My Audience Based On Their Demographics?

Filters enable you to sort out users from your Audience by applying a set of restrictions. There are Activity Filters that segregate users according to their activity on social networks such as Number of Followers/Following, Age of Account, etc. And then there are Demographics Filters such as language and timezone filters.These hide away unwanted users and lets you view only the most relevant profiles who comply with the conditions defined by you. They can be found on the left side of your Activity screen under Advance Filters in the Audience section of your Twitter profile. We'll talk about the Demographics Filters here.

What Are Demographics Filters?

Demographic Filters are based on some basic demographic defining criteria of a user profile. They help you streamline the user based upon the profile type such as if a user has a verified profile or the language in which the user Tweets.

These are the available Demographic Filters options:

  1. Profile Type: You can filter your Criteria list of users based upon the profile type - All, Public or Protected profiles.
  2. Verified Status: In case you want to connect only with verified profiles, you can filter the user list from this option.
  3. Profile Image: You can select ' Has profile image' to skim out users without profile image.
  4. Profile URL: View users with or without Profile URL.
  5. Zombie Filter: Zombie profiles are a mix of bots, fake and spam profiles. It lists down all those inactive profiles that do not yield nor result or are of no value on Twitter. You can apply this filter option to unfollow all such profiles.
  6. Select Timezones: If you want to target users of a specific Timezone, you can filter the users by selecting their local timezones.
  7. Select Languages: To target users of a particular language, you can use the language filter option. You may select one or more languages simultaneously.
  8. Select Exclude Criterias: You can use this filter to exclude certain user profiles from the view list such as the Whitelisted, Blocked, Muted or Pending request users.

Besides this, the last checkbox option provides you with an option to 'Exclude Previously Followed Users' from all the results.

The image below shows different options in the Demographic Filters menu.

Demographics Filter

The best way to use filters is to save your Filter Presets so that you don't have to create them over and over each time. Moreover, for best results you may use the combination of Activity and Demographics Filters together.

Learn about the Activity filters and the Quick Filters.