How Can I Save Time While Following And Unfollowing Users On Twitter?

Use Fast Follow/Unfollow On Twitter To Save Time

Within the Audience section when you browse through the list of your followers or the latest unfollowers or throughs the following of a Source you added earlier you can perform follow or unfollow actions. In order to save time and perform these actions at a quicker pace you can choose the fast follow or fast unfollow mode from the filters menu. This allows you to follow or unfollow users at a conveniently fast pace.

Here is how you can perform fast follow/unfollow actions:

  • In your Audience section, select Advance in the filters on the right side.
  • Under follow mode, select Fast follow/unfollow

You will now be able to perform follow/unfollow actions at a conveniently faster pace.

Select Fast Follow/Unfollow mode


Please note that fast follow or fast unfollow modes are not bulk follow/unfollow actions and are still performed individually on users but only at a fast pace. Such bulk actions are considered as aggressive user behavior by Twitter and are different from sending bulk messages or adding users to lists.