How To Create A Post Recycler?

While building a Post Recycler you should consider the following parameters:

Intent Of Creation 

This is the objective of creating a set of posts for a particular social channel that will be published in a repeated cycle. Decide on the type of posts - the categories they belong to and whom do you want to target. 


The Schedule containing the posting days and posting times determines how the posts will be published during the week and thereby the manner in which the posting cycle will work.


The posts can be added individually to the Post Recycler as well as imported in bulk volume using the Bulk Publish Upload tool.

To create a Post Recycler, follow the steps given below:

  • Select a profile from where you’d like to recycle your posts.

  • Give your Recycler a suitable title. For example, Blog Recycler.

  • Give a description. For example, blogs on marketing recycled twice a day.

  • You may also add an image to your Recycler.

  • Now, select the Schedule from the menu according to which you’d like to recycle your Tweets.

  • Click Save.

Similarly, you can create multiple Post Recyclers, each catering to a different category of Tweets.  

For example, you can create a Post Recycler of Tweets related to your blog post, Daily Tips, Webinars separately so that you are able to provide a variety of content to your Audience at an evenly steady pace.


Create a Recycler