How To Schedule For Publishing On Instagram Using Statusbrew?

How Statusbrew Schedule For Instagram?

Instagram does not allow any third party app to post directly on Instagram but we take you to the closest by managing and scheduling your content effortlessly right from your dashboard.

Using Statusbrew, you can create and Schedule your posts for Instagram, even from your desktop. You’ll later receive a notification on your phone which will redirect you to Instagram for publishing.

How to create a post for Instagram?

Instagram Scheduling works in 3-simple steps:

1. Create a Post: Add an image and write interesting caption to go along with it.    

  • Select the Publish Section of the profile from where you’d like to send the post.

  • Click on + to add your Instagram profile.  

  • Write an interesting caption for your image

  • Click on Add Images to add an image to the post.

2. Schedule the Post: Select a Schedule or set a custom posting time to it.  

  • To add a posting time to your post, click on Schedule.
  • You can either select a previously created Schedule from the Schedule menu or add a custom time to it. 
  • Click Set Time

3. Notification: You will receive a notification on your mobile at the scheduled time of posting to push the post live on Instagram.

  • Clicking upon the Notification, you will be redirected to Instagram.
  • There the image will already be uploaded for you.
  • You can apply Filters to it.
  • To add text, press the caption box and paste the text already copied on the clipboard.

Make sure you have the Instagram app downloaded on your mobile and you are logged in with the account from which you would like to publish.