Statusbrew for IOS and Android- Aviator Plan

About Statusbrew's Aviator Plan

If you wish to manage your social media accounts at the comfort of your finger-tips, Aviator plan is what you are looking for. For all our Android and IOS users, Aviator plan will give you the access to ease and manage all your personal social media profiles whenever you are on the go! 


This plan will provide you with the access to have:

  • Up to 5 social media channels
  • Multi-Channel publishing
  • Exclusive Account insights and reporting for all your social media channels
  • Unrestricted access to all other mobile-app features
Statusbrew for IOS and Android

Aviator plan can be subscribed from Statusbrew’s iTunes and Playstore subscription, priced at $9.90 per month and $49.99 per year. Know more about Aviator here.

Important: Mobile access is ideal and handy for the personal social media management, however, Statusbrew's web app is way more illustrative and dynamic. This is a mobile-app only subscription and can be accessed on the web app, too. But, while operating from your browser, only the features available on the mobile app would be accessible on the web platform. Web platform has many elaborated features which are not included in the mobile interface. Know more about the web features here.