How to delete my Statusbrew account?

Deleting your Statusbrew account- FAQs

Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about deleting an account from Statusbrew:

I have a paid Statusbrew account. How can I delete the account?

If you have a paid subscription with Statusbrew, you’ll have to cancel your subscription first. Thereafter, you may remove the connected profiles and log out in order to deactivate your Statusbrew account.


How do I delete my Statusbrew account permanently?

You cannot delete your Statusbrew account but you can change your account status from active to inactive. For this, you’ll have to remove all the social media profiles connected to your dashboard. Below are the steps to remove your connected profiles from your Statusbrew account:

  1. Find the profile bubble at the bottom left corner of your dashboard and click on Admin
  2. Find the App settings from the top of your dashboard
  3. Scroll down and there you'll see the option to Remove your accounts
  4. From there remove all your accounts and log out.

Once you have removed the profiles from your Dashboard and logged out, your Statusbrew account would shift to the inactive state and you won’t require to do anything else. As and when you decide to use Statusbrew again, all you need to do is to log-in and connect your social profiles. 


I want to completely remove my details from Statusbrew. What should I do?

Your account becomes inactive after you have removed all the social media accounts from your dashboard. This is the last step that you can perform, in accordance with the Statusbrew Terms of Service, till you log in again.

We have always valued your presence with us and would never want to lose you. Before you move forth to remove your accounts, we'd always strive to know if you have some suggestions for us to improve upon or if there were some other expectations that you had out of us. Just to help us get better for you, we'll expect to have a word with you over an email thread. Please mail us at and we'd love to take notes from your Statusbrew experience