Which Plan Should I Subscribe on Statusbrew?

With a wide range of dynamic features that will help you boom exponentially around your social media, Statusbrew has plan for all your use-cases.

If you are an individual managing your personal social media profiles, Basic Plan will serve for all your core necessities. You’ll have a lean access to all the basic features of the Publish and Audience section which would help you to streamline your personal social media activities effortlessly.

In case you are a freelancer, an entrepreneur, a travel blogger or a individual marketer, we understand the ordeal it takes to target the right kind of prospects and keep them engaged at the same time. The Essential Plan will facilitate you to minimize the time you spend on such efforts by providing you with enhanced publishing solutions and advanced audience monitoring features. Hence, you can derive the best out of your social media activities in the least time.

And, if you are a brand, an agency or a team that handles multiple brand accounts, the Business Plan will help you to take care of a larger audience segment subsequently focussing upon the lead conversions. Team management, too, becomes handy once opted for the Business plan. Also, Statusbrew’s powerful reporting and Analytics section would help you strategize better with your content and audience growth patterns. You can analyze your current performance with the past week, month or any time-frame of reference in the form of statistics.

When deciding which plan to choose, we recommend to list down your requirements based on the following points:

  • Number of social profiles, you want to manage

  • Number of team members

  • Number of posts that you will schedule ahead of time (Scheduled Posts)

  • Number of RSS feeds you want to integrate

  • Do you need analytics for your published content

  • Do you want to track your competitor’s audience

Basic Plan Essential Plan Business Plan
Free $25/month $50/month
1 Profile per Social Network 10 Profiles 10 Profiles + 10 Twitter Sources
Limited Follow/Unfollow actions Unlimited Follow/Unfollow actions* Unlimited Follow/Unfollow actions*
Limited Filters and Segmentation Access to all the Filters and Unlimited Segmentation Access to all the Filters and Unlimited Segmentation
0 Team Members 0 Team Members 2 Team Members
10 Scheduled Posts / Profile 100 Scheduled Posts / Profile 1000 Scheduled Posts / Profile
1 Posting Category 10 Posting Categories 10 Posting Categories
1 Content Recycler 10 Content Recyclers 10 Content Recyclers
Bulk CSV upload for up to 10 posts Bulk CSV upload for up to 100 posts Bulk CSV upload for up to 400 posts at once (up to 1000 posts)
1 RSS Feed 10 RSS Feeds 100 RSS Feeds
No Analytics No Analytics In-depth Analytics and Campaign Tracking

What are the benefits of the Essential Plan, compared to the Basic (Free) Plan?

On the Basic Plan, you're able to manage only 1 social profile/page per network. This means you can add one profile for each Twitter, Instagram, Facebook (Page/Profile), LinkedIn (Profile/Company Page) and Google+ (Page). You can manage your Twitter Audience and schedule up to 10 posts in advance for each social channel.

If you have advanced social publishing needs, you can choose the Essential Plan. On the Essential Plan, you can add up to 10 social profiles/pages of any combination. For your social publishing, you can schedule up to 100 posts in advance for each connected profile. Create and schedule the content when it is most likely to be consumed by creating different categories for different timezones. Along with that, you have access to unlimited Twitter Audience actions.

In short, you can have the following benefits of Essential Plan over Basic plan

  • Manage up to 10 social profiles or pages, compared to 1 per social network
  • Unlimited Follow/Unfollow actions*
  • Send up to 1000 DMs and 2400 Tweets per day*, compared to 5
  • Schedule up to 100 posts for every connected profile or page, compared to 10
  • Create up to 10 unique posting categories, compared to 1
  • Create up to 10 Twitter Content Recyclers, compared to 1
  • Add up to 10 RSS feed sources

    *Twitter limits apply, read here.

What are the benefits of the Business Plan, compared to the Essential Plan?

While the Essential plan gives you the ability to manages 10 social profiles/pages of any combination, with the Business plan you can even track and monitor your competitor profiles (Sources) and people talking about the keywords that are important to you.
It gives you higher Scheduling Queues, ability to manage Team Members and a lot more what Brands, Teams and Agencies require

Along with all the features available in the Essential plan, here's are the additions:

  • Track and Monitor up to 10 Competitor profile or keywords using Sources
  • Schedule up to 1,000 posts in advance, compared to 100
  • Invite up to 2 additional team members each with custom permissions 
  • Add up to 100 RSS feed sources
  • Calendar view for visual management your queues
  • Deep Audience, Engagement and Content Performance Analytics with custom reports generation
  • Content Pool*, Drafts* and Notes* features
  • Social listening* and Engage*
  • Protection against future price hike by auto-inclusion of all upcoming features
  • Priority support and one-time personalized coaching

    *coming soon.

    Note: Both Essential and Business Plans are unit-based plans, so you can customize your plans as your social needs grow. All the features mentioned above are for a single unit of each Essential/ Business Plan.

Want to see how Business Plan can help you? Ask for a personalized demo from our team.