What Are The Different Subscription Plans in Statusbrew?

Whether you are an individual or working in a team to manage social media profiles, we have a plan for you!

As a free user, you have access to the following features:

  • Connect up to 5 social media profiles, one each from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+

  • Schedule up to 10 posts per social media profile

  • Manage your Twitter Audience with limited actions (10 follow, 10 unfollow, 5 blocks, 5 DMs)

  • Media library options

  • Use Filters to target the right kind of audience

Statusbrew offers 2 subscription plans: Essential and Business. Our unit based subscription system allows you to multiply your feature access over a single dashboard. More the units of a subscription plan you subscribe to, more the access you have.

    Essential Plan

    For individuals looking to manage their social media profiles effortlessly, this plan includes all the essential tools for you to get started with. One unit of the Essential Plan provides you with the access to:

    • 10 social media profiles from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+

    • Schedule up to 100 posts per social media profile
    • 10 RSS feed sources

    • Elaborated access to manage and monitor all your Twitter Audience

    Business Plan

    The Business Plan is ideal for teams and agencies with the ability to invite team members to collaborate and have access to advanced analytics. Each unit of Business Plan will provide you with the access to:  

    • Up to 10 social media profiles from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+

    • Up to 10 Twitter Sources

    • Schedule up to 1000 posts per social media profile

    • Media library access

    • 100 RSS feed sources

    • Powerful Reporting for all your Audience Engagements

    • Team Access to you (admin) and two more

    For more information about the pricing of the plans, click here.

    For Statusbrew mobile users, we have a mobile-only subscription plan. Read more about it, here.

    Confused about which plan to choose, this article might help you.