What are the different subscription options I have with Statusbrew?

Whether you are a social media marketer operating with a team or an individual managing your social media accounts to make the best out of it. Come what your use case may be, we have a plan for you.

Have a look at the most diversified and intelligently formulated plans tailor-made for your use case below:

Basic Plan- Sign up for free on Statusbrew

To get started, you can sign up with Statusbrew’s basic plan which provides you the access to add one profile channel each from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus. You’ll have the access to almost all the basic features of the Publish and Audience section which would help you to manage your personal accounts with a never before ease!

Statusbrew Basic

Essential Plan- for Individuals

For the individuals looking to manage their social media profiles effortlessly, this plan includes all the essential tools for you to get started with. One unit of the Essential Plan provides you with the access to:

  • Connect upto 10 social media channels from multiple social media handles
  • Schedule upto 100 posts per social media channel
  • Media library options
  • Upto 10 RSS feed sources
  • Elaborated audience access to manage and monitor all your Twitter audience
  • Detailed insights about your audience engagements for all your profiles and pages
Statusbrew Esential Subscription plan

And, much more! 

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Business Plan - For Teams

The business plan is ideal for Team management and elaborated audience access. With the access to have diversified and dynamic publish features, your social media reach will never lag behind with this subscription. Business plan will take your social media management experience to another level- par excellence! Let’s have a look what this plan has to offer you. Per unit Business plan will provide you with the access to:

  • Connect upto 10 social media channels from multiple social media handles
  • Add to upto 10 Twitter sources
  • Schedule upto 1000 posts per social media handle
  • Media library access
  • Upto 100 RSS feed sources
  • Powerful reporting for all your audience engagements in stats, ideal for businesses
  • Team access to you (admin) and two more
  • Unrestricted access to all other Statusbrew features
Statusbrew Business subscription plan

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