How Do I Upgrade Or Downgrade An Existing Subscription Plan?

When you feel the need, you can easily change your subscription plan. Just follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Statusbrew account

  2. Click on the bottom left button on your dashboard and select Admin

  3. Navigate to Billing section from the top

  4. Click on Adjust Plan

You can switch your Plan, Units and choose to pay Monthly or Yearly. Read about our various subscription plans to choose which plan suits you best.

Adjust Plan


If you upgrade to a higher subscription plan, you’ll only be charged the difference between two plans for the remaining period of the current billing cycle, without changing your billing cycle.

If you downgrade from higher to a lower plan, your leftover subscription credit will be carried over in your next subscription payment and it would be adjusted to the next billing cycle's premium. Once your credit becomes zero, you would be charged as per the subscription cost of the plan you downgraded to.

Read more about Subscription FAQs