How Do I Ensure The Security Of My Statusbrew Account?

Your Social Profiles are always secure with Statusbrew. As a third-party application, we do not post any content without your explicit permission. To maintain your account security, you must validate your Statusbrew account information by connecting it to a valid email id. This also helps you to reset your password and recover your Statusbrew account in case you forget the password.

How to report a hacked social media profile?

If you suspect you have been hacked, use the following avenues for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+ to secure your profile!

  1. Contact Twitter support:
  2. Report a hacked Facebook profile:
  3. Report a hacked Instagram profile:
  4. Verify your identity for a LinkedIn profile:
  5. Recover a Google+ profile:

If you need further assistance you can reach out to us here.