How Can I Add Team Members To My Organization In Statusbrew Account?

As Many Team Members As Needed

You can add Team Members to an organization by clicking on the 'Members' option available in the left bar menu of your Organization account dashboard.   

As an owner of the Organization, you can add multiple team members to an Organization simply by adding their email Id and assigning them a role with specific sets of associated permissions.

Different Roles For Team Members

These roles are based upon a common set of permissions available to access the Organization. By default, there are seven possible permissions based upon which you can assign one of the five team roles listed:

  1. Owner: Can access the entire Organization

  2. Administrator: Can approve posts, manage team members.

  3. Analyst: Can access Audience, manage Source profiles.

  4. Writer: Can create posts.

  5. Custom: You can also customize the role by choosing permissions from the list.