FAQs: Statusbrew Subscription

Below are the frequently asked questions listed to help troubleshoot issues with Statusbrew account and Subscriptions:

1. Can I have a free trial?

Yes, you can start your free premium trial when you subscribe to any of our premium plans. 

For web:

If you subscribe to Essential Plan, you are entitled to a 7-day free trial. If you opt for the Business Plan, you are entitled to a 14-day free trial. Your trial automatically starts once you subscribe to any of these plans.

Here is how you can do it:

  1. Login to your Statusbrew account.

  2. Click on the bottom left button on your dashboard and select Admin

  3. Navigate to Billing section from the top

  4. Choose the plan you want to subscribe to and customize it accordingly. 

  5. Now, just update your payment credentials and click on Start your free trial button.

And henceforth, you can have the free premium access until your trial period* gets over.

*Please note that during your trial period, if you change your subscription, You'll be charged.

For Android/iOS:

  1. Download the app from the respective stores and login

  2. Click on Settings from your app's dashboard 

  3. Click on Account Type (for Android) Buy Subscription (for iOS) 

  4. From there, you can choose to subscribe to monthly subscription which offers you a 7-Day Free Trial.

    Statusbrew for Android and iOS

Your billing cycle will start automatically once your trial gets over and is auto-renewed at the end of each billing cycle.

2. What if I cancel my trial?

If you cancel your subscription before your trial period gets over, you won’t be charged anything. 

3. What are my payment options?

For the web app subscribers, we accept payments through the Credit Cards only via Stripe. We are connected to all the CC companies. You can register with any credit card accepted worldwide. For iOS and Android subscribers, the payments are managed by their respective app stores.

P.S. We do not store your credit card details

4. Where can I find my Invoices?

  1. Login to your Statusbrew account
  2. From the bottom left button, click on Admin
  3. Navigate to Billing
  4. To the left of your screen, You’ll see the option to see your Past invoices under Payments
  5. Click there and you’ll be redirected to a window where you’ll see all your past invoices

5. Can I pause my subscription?

No, you cannot pause your subscription. You will have to cancel your subscription and re-subscribe whenever you want to comeback to Statusbrew.

6. How can I update my Credit Card details?

  1. Login to your Statusbrew account
  2. From the bottom left button, click on Admin
  3. Navigate to Billing
  4. Click on the Change button and update your credit card details in the dialog

7. If I cancel my subscription, am I eligible for a refund?

Statusbrew has a strict no refund policy. If you cancel your subscription, you won't be charged for the next billing period. However, you would be able to use the premium features for the current period you have already been charged for. Know more about it here


Still have any questions? Feel free to contact us at support@statusbrew.com.