How Can I Add/Remove Tags To Users?

Tags feature on Statusbrew allows you to group together different users from your Audience . You can consider each Tag as a unique name given to the group of users from your Twitter community with common attributes.

Unlike Lists, a Tag does not have a limit to the number of users that can be added to it. Lists limit the number of users to a maximum of 5,000.

Apply Tags To Your Twitter And Instagram Audience

In order to apply Tag to a user, follow the steps given below:

  • Choose a criterion from the left column of the Audience Section. For example, Mutual Followback.

  • Now, select the users from the list by clicking on the user profile. Make sure you're using the 'list view' style.

  • The Filters column on the right side of activity screen will change to Bulk updates menu.

  • Choose a Tag from one of the previously created Tags or you can also create a new Tag from the 'Create New Tag' option.

  • A tab with the Tag name appears in the user profile card on the activity screen (in Tabular view only).

Add Tag

How To Remove Tags?

You can remove a Tag from a user profile by:

1. Under the Segments criterion from the left column of Audience section, choose Tags.

2. If you wish to delete a tag entirely, click on Delete and it will remove the tag from all the users under that tag. 

2. Otherwise, click on the tag name you'd like to remove a user from.

2. While in the 'tabular view', you'll find the tag name(s) under the user associated with. Click the tag you'd like to remove and make the changes.




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