How Can I Add A Twitter User Profile To Use Copy Followers Feature?

Add Twitter Profile To Copy Followers/Following

To add a Twitter user profile to use with Copy Followers feature, follow the steps given below:

  • In the Audience section, choose Copy Followers/Following under the Tracking dropdown menu from the criteria column on the left side of the activity screen.

  • Add the username of the profile you want to use copy followers feature with. For example, @marcus01.

  • Select a Copy Type. For example, Copy Followers or Copy Following, depending upon whether you want to view and take actions on the list of the user's followers or following.

  • Enable the option of 'Hide Previously Followed Users'

  • Click Search.

This will list down all the users profiles (Followers/Following) of the target user. You can perform follow action by clicking upon the Follow button in green shown against the user profile in the list.

You can manually group people that you follow using Tags. You can review the conversion rate and user list in Tags under the Segments dropdown menu on the left side of you activity screen.

Before you get started, be sure to read the Twitter guidelines on follow actions.