How To Create Rules For Twitter Automation with Rule Builder?

Rule Builder is the engine of your engagement with Twitter connections, wherein you have the power to decide whom to start a conversation with, when and how. Rule Builder prepares you to capture all those moments when connections are initiated on Twitter and start conversations.

Rule Builder is provided under the Compass section which can be accessed from the left side nav of the Dashboard, after you successfully login to Statusbrew.
(Note: We’ve moved Compass under Audience > Grow for faster navigation)

Once you enter the Rules option, it shows any previously Saved Rules with an option to Create New Rule.

Create New Rule

You need to define three things (Rule Event, Rule Conditions, Rule Actions) to set up the Rule Builder for automation.

Make sure you select the correct Twitter Profile from the top selection bar for which you want to set up the Rule and then click on Create New Rule and give it a Name to begin.

Rule Event : When should Automation be Triggered?

Rules, being an event-driven process, you have to identify when should the Automation process get initiated or activated. There are four possible events that you can choose from:

  1. When someone Follows you

  2. When someone Mentions you

  3. When someone Adds you to a Twitter List

  4. When someone Retweets your post

Rule Event

Rule Conditions : Who all should be included in the Event?

Conditions refer to the set of filters that streamline the list of users defined within an Event in the first step. With the combination of multiple Activity and Demographic filters, you can target specific users of your Twitter Community. Moreover, you may even define conditions to be applied to the audience discovered only under some previously added Sources or include/exclude users already Tagged by you. Choose your conditions and go to the next step.

Rule Conditions

Rule Actions : What should happen?

This step gives you the end-result of Automation, the action that would be performed on your behalf, when both the event chosen (First step) occurs and it satisfies the conditions (Second step) defined.

Based on the above the steps:

For the Events when a someone Follows you, Adds you to a Twitter List or Retweets your post, you can automatically tag them.

Add Tag

For the event when a someone Mentions you, here's are the four actions that can be set up:  

  1. You can Send them a Direct Message
  2. Mention them in a Tweet
  3. Add them to a Tag
  4. Add them to a List

You can choose one or more actions for the Mentions you event.

Note: For DM and Mention actions, make use of our variables like {twitter_handle}, {name}, {first_name} and {last_name}. These would automatically be replaced by the actual username, full name, first name or last name (respectively) of the person who mentions you. The {twitter_handle} variable is necessary to be included while choosing the Mention user in a tweet action.

Rule Action

Once you've saved the Rule, you'll be able to view it under Compass. You may Disable, Edit or Delete the saved rules if needed.

Saved Rules