How To Block Users To Completely Stop Interaction On Twitter?

Why Block Users?

Blocking a user completely restricts the interaction between you and the blocked user profile. When you block users you will not be able to view their Tweets on your wall nor will those users be able to see yours. They will also not be able to like, share or retweet your posts. Although the blocked users will not be notified but when they do visit your profile they will be able to notice the change. Blocking users is one step lower than completely unfollowing them. It is however, a more restrictive action compared to when you mute users. When you block a user, the following symbol appears on the user profile card:

After user is blocked tab

Whom Should You Block?

  • You can block users that you don't find the need to engage or interact with.

How To Block A User?

To block a user:

  • Click on the 3-dot menu in the user profile.

  • Select the Block option from the drop-down menu.

  • Once you do so the user card will be removed from the list.




Viewing Blocked Users

  • Click People I Blocked under the Segments dropdown menu on the left to see the list of blocked users.


How To Unblock users?

  • In the list of Blocked users, click on the blue 'Unblock' button in the user's profile card in the list
  • The users profile card will be removed from that list