How Do I Check My Unfollowers and Followers On Twitter?

Statusbrew helps you quickly discover all these users so that you can connect or disconnect with them at the earliest and maintain connections which are of value to you and your business. Your New Unfollowers are the users who have Unfollowed your recently on Twitter, while the ones who've recently followed you are your New Followers.

To check your New Unfollowers on Twitter, simply follow the steps given below:

  1. Login to Statusbrew

  2. From the Dashboard, click on the Audience icon on the left side nav

  3. Select Manage from the top navbar

  4. Select New Unfollowers from the criteria drop-down menu

    New Unfollowers Twitter

This will give you the list of all your Unfollowers in reverse-chronological order (the people who unfollowed you recently will appear first). You can Follow or Unfollow them as per your current connection state with each user.

Some important deciding factors that helps you to follow/unfollow users in a list are the Number of Followers & Following of the users or the time when You Followed them or they had Unfollowed You. You can choose which user information should be displayed in the list from the Display Columns menu. Here's how you can choose the display columns:

Edit Display Columns


Besides New Unfollowers, other criterias available for Twitter Audience Management are:

  • New Followers: This gives the list of all the people who recently followed you

  • My Followers: This gives the list of all the people who follow you

  • Not Following Back: These are the people you follow, but they do not follow you back

  • Mutual Followback: People who you follow and they follow you back

  • My Following: This gives a list of all the people who you follow

  • New Following: These are the people that you have recently followed

  • New Unfollowing: These are the people that you have unfollowed recently

  • Fans: These are all the people who follow you, but you do not follow back

  • People I Whitelisted: The important user profiles that you've whitelisted to prevent accidental unfollow. Read more about it here

  • Discover Twitter Users: You can search Twitter users by the keywords they have in their Bio or by their location. Read more about it here

  • Tags: List of all the tags that you have used to segment your Twitter Audience. Read more about Twitter Tags here

  • Twitter Lists: These are the Twitter Lists which you own or you are subscribed to or you are a member of. Read more about Twitter Lists here

You can also use multiple filters to futher seggregate your Twitter Audience and unfollow the irrelevant profiles.