How Can I Remove Unwanted User Profiles From My Twitter Followers?

The best way to weed out unwanted users from your Twitter Followers is by using Filters. A Filter is a set of restrictions applied to your Twitter Audience with which you can hide unwanted users and view only the most relevant profiles who comply with the conditions defined by you. By using multiple filters simultaneously, you can further narrow down to most relevant profiles.

Filters are available for all criteria (except Twitter list members) under the Manage section. You can choose to apply Filters from the menu to left of your activity screen.

Which Filters To Apply?

Our Filters help you segregate users according to their Twitter activity or certain demographic defining criteria.

The available filters are:

  1. Followers Count: Get the user list based upon the number of followers of a particular user.
  2. Following Count: Get the user list based upon the number of profiles a particular user is following
  3. Lists Count: This refers to the number of Lists in which a user has been mentioned.
    For example, to sort and find influential users, you can select a higher number of lists as they are usually a part of a large number of lists
  4. Account Age: Account age refers to the time duration for which a user has been on Twitter
  5. Tweets Per Day: This ratio defines the number of Tweets a user sends in a day. In general, profiles which are more active on Twitter are likely to have a higher Tweets per day ratio
  6. Followers/Following Ratio: Usually the users with an equal ratio between their followers and following are likely to follow you back on Twitter.
    For example, if you’re searching for an Influencer, a higher follow ratio is a good measure
  7. Last Tweeted Time: Determine and filter out profiles according to their last time of Tweet

    Note: For the above filters, you can select the filters as ‘greater than’, ‘between’ or ‘less than’ the available range. i.e. you can adjust for both the upper and lower limits.
  8. Protected Users: Filter your Criteria list of users based upon the profile type - Public or Protected profiles. If this filter is not selected, by default, both the types of profiles would show up
  9. Verified Users: In case you want to connect only with verified or non-verified profiles, you can use this filter
  10. Profile Picture: Select ‘has profile image' to skim out users without profile image and unfollow the users with ‘no profile picture’
  11. Profile URL: View users with or without Profile URL
  12. Zombie Users: Zombie profiles are a mix of bots, fake and spam profiles. It lists down all those inactive profiles that do not yield any result or are of no value on Twitter. You can apply this filter option to unfollow all such profiles
  13. Follow Mode: Only see the profiles that you need to follow or unfollow from a mixture of both
  14. Timezone*: To target users of a specific Timezone, filter the users by selecting their local timezones. You may select one or more timezones simultaneously
  15. Language*: To target users of a particular language, use the language filter option. You may select one or more languages simultaneously
  16. Exclude By List: Use this filter to exclude certain user profiles from the activity screen, such as the Whitelisted, Blocked, Muted or Pending request users or the users you have Previously Followed
  17. Tag: Include or exclude users that already segmented under some tag defined by you

    *Timezone and Language filters would give results based on the Twitter account settings of your audience profiles. Due to this, sometimes the results may vary from the language the user is actually tweeting in or the location they display under their profile bio.
Filters Menu

Resetting Filters

To deselect all applied filters, click on the RESET button on the top right of the filter menu.

Reset Filters

Save Filter

The best way to use filters is to save your Filter so that you don't have to create them over and over each time.

  1. After choosing the required filters, click on SAVE FILTER on the bottom of the Filter menu
     Save Filter
  2. Give your custom filter a name and click Save
     FIlter Save


Choosing a Saved Filter

To reselect your saved filter:

  1. Click on the down arrow beside the FILTERS heading
     Choose Filter
  2. Choose from the list of saved filters in the drop-down menu
     Select Saved Filter


Deleting a Saved Filter

To delete your previously created filter:

  1. Click on the down arrow beside the FILTERS heading
     Choose filter
  2. Click on the delete ‘bin’ button beside the saved filter name and confirm.
     Delete filter



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