How Can I Perform Bulk Actions On My Twitter Audience Using Statusbrew?

With our multi-select actions menu, minimise all the efforts that you impart while segmenting or initiating a conversation with your audience.
Save a lot of time while running campaigns and when you need to get in touch with multiple users with a common agenda.
- You can send out a common Direct Message or Mention a set of users in your Tweet as per your campaign needs or to just create your buzz about something
- Create and assign a Tag to them for the proper segmentation for quickly finding your leads when required
Whitelist favorite connections to ensure that you don’t unfollow them, not even accidentally
Mute or Block unwanted users to keep your Twitter feed clean


How To Use Multi-select?

Using the Multi-select actions is broadly divided into three steps, as explained below:

Step1: Selecting a range of profiles

  1. Click on the first profile card
  2. Press and hold the SHIFT key and scroll down and click on the last profile of the range that you want to selectHow to whitelist a profile

    If you don't want to select a range of users, simply Filter and Select the ones you require.

Step 2: Choosing actions

  1. Click on the Multi-select actions  button
  2. Choose the action that you want to perform with that audience range
     Choosing the actions


Step 3: Performing the actions

Here you'll be choosing an action from the diverse range of actions that you wish to perform over your prospects, as below: 

  • Start a conversation

Starting a conversation is essential if you want your campaigns or content to reach to your audience. You can push a DM or Mention a user in tweet sharing every information you want to share with your users. Your DMs/tweets may include links, coupons, texts or anything that you’d want to propagate in your audience.

Before you know how to push a DM/Mention tweet, you should be aware about the Variables. Below are the variables that you can add up in your message/Tweets: 

List of variables

You’ll just to have frame a message including these variable(s) once and push your message. These variables will be dynamically replaced by attributes of the profile that you are sending out your DM/tweet to. You can copy a variable directly by clicking on the clipboard  button placed next to it, refer to wthe screenshot above. 

- Mention Tweet

  1. Choose the Mention option from the Multi-select actions  button
  2. The {username} variable is necessary to be included while framing a mention tweet and you’ll see it already there before setting up your message. 
    Now, you can setup your tweet and use other variables like {name}, {first_name} and {last_name} and click on Next
    If you wish to merge all the users that you have selected in your range, within a single tweet, you may check this box: Merge multiple users in a tweet
  3. Now, Just push the Tweets by clicking on the  icons next to your selected profiles ​​​​​​Mention tweets

- Direct Message

  1. Choose the SEND A DM option from the Multi-select actions  button
  2. Now, you can setup your DM and use other variables like {name}, {first_name} and {last_name} and click on Next
  3. Now, Just push the DMs by clicking on the  icons next to your selected profilesDirect message
  • Segment your Audience

Segmenting your audience is a priority task while managing multiple campaigns. You can Tag a particular set of users so that you know where to find them to interact or follow-up.
You may create as many Tags as needed. 

With the Multi-select menu, here's how you assign tags:

- Add tags

  1. Choose the Add a Tag option from the Multi-select actions  button
  2. A dialogue box will appear showing you all your existing tags
  3. Choose the Tag from the options that you want give to your selected profiles and click on Add
     how to add tags


  • Twitter lists

Multi-select can help you add a bulk amount of users into the lists you are an owner of. To know more about Twitter lists, click here.

  • Avoid unfollowing

You always have some profiles who may or may not follow you back but you’d never want to unfollow them. Such profiles can be influencers, your personal contacts or may be someone you look after. 
Whitelisting a profile will segregate that profile from all other profiles so that you don’t have any risk of unfollowing them. To know more about Whitelist and how to use it, click here.

  • Avoid conversation (No talk)

Keep your Twitter feed clean by removing unwanted noise from the unwanted users. You can either Mute them or Block them. 

- Mute

If you don't want to see the Tweet updates from certain users on your Twitter timeline and you do not want them to know about it, you can simply mute those users without unfollowing or blocking them. Know more about muting, click here.

- Block

Blocking a user will permanently bar that user from accessing your tweets or any profile credential. Here's how it works:

  1. Choose the Block option from the Multi-select actions  button
  2. And, Just select the profiles that you want to block
     How to block a user on Twitter


  • Others

And, if there is nothing you want to do with the selected range of the Audience, you can just deselect the range and resume your social brewing!