How Can I Save And Re-Apply Filters?

A Filter is a set of restrictions applied to your Audience with which you can hide away unwanted users and view only the most relevant profiles who comply with the conditions defined by you. By using multiple filters simultaneously, you can further narrow down to most relevant profiles. The filters we provide are categorized as Quick and Advance (Activity and Demographics) Filters. The best method is to save Filters Presets by giving them a name for future use. This will help you save tons of time the next time you view a list of users, without the need to create filters each time.

Saving Filters

To save a set of Filters on your list, you first need to apply some filters to your audience, read about 'How to Apply Filters?'

Once you've applied some filters, you may proceed to save them:

  • Find the option to enter Preset name at the bottom of the Advance Tab of Filter Menu.
  • Give a suitable name to your Filter. For example if it's a Spanish language filter, you may name it Spanish filter for future reference.

  • Click on 'Save' button at the bottom.

  • Your Filter gets saved and appears under the Filters Preset of the Quick Tab in the Filters Menu.




Remove and Re-apply Saved Filters

  • You can review, reuse and remove any of the previously created Filters by selecting it from the Filters Preset of the Quick Tab in the Filters Menu.
Re-apply filter


Learn more about Filters, applying filters based on user Activity and Demographics.