How To Search Users By Twitter Keywords?

Tweet Search can help you pin down users who frequently talk about a certain topic. Tweets are a way to discover what these people are interested in, their brand affinities and the ideas they share.

For example, If your social media advertising agency wants to target the users who tweet and conversate around SEO or inbound marketing, you could search with these keywords.

To search users by keywords, follow the steps given below:

  1. Login to Statusbrew and go to Audience section

  2. Navigate to Grow section

  3. Confirm your Twitter profile

  4. Select Tweet search from the left menu

  5. Add the keyword or hashtag in the search bar. For example, #networkmarketing

As soon as you start typing, the quick search would list down all user profiles who have used the hashtag #networkmarketing in their Tweets

Tweet Search


Tip: To see the Tweet post they used this hashtag in, select the Bio display column.

Tweet Search Tweets


You can review the profile details using the other display columns such as their number of followers, following, last tweeted and location, etc and start following them.

Note: For all our premium customers, the people you've followed previously are excluded by default.

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