How To Search Twitter Users By Their Profile Bio Information And Location?

With Discover Twitter Users (previously Power Search), you can search relevant audience by tracking them with the keywords they use in their bio. The keywords in a user's bio strongly represent their interests and what they might be looking for on Twitter.

For example, if you own sports shoe store brand and with the Boston Marathon scheduled in the near future you would be interested in finding out users who have keywords like sports, running, athlete/athletics in their bio and belong to a particular geography. You could then connect with these potential sales lead and convert them into real customers for your product.

How To Use Discover Twitter Users?

To search users for the specific keywords in their bio, follow the steps given below:

  1. In the Audience > Manage Section, choose Discover Twiter Users from the criteria drop-down menu just above the search bar

    Discover Twitter Users
  2. Type the keywords in the search column. You can include both the keywords you're looking for in Bio and the geographic location together.

    For example, Marketing AND London will list down all Twitter profiles who have mentioned Marketing as one of the interests in their Bio and have set their location to London.

Tip: You can use various operators explained below for a more targetted search

Using Search Operators to Discover Twitter Users

Using Search Operators is a powerful way to better define your search query, based on multiple criteria and keywords, to get more specific and targeted search results to find users by their Profile Bio info.

The following operators can be used in the search field for performing a power search under Discover Twitter Users:

Search criteria and operators are not case sensitive so both lowercase and uppercase are valid.

  • The operator AND ( or space ) returns search results with users who have both the words in their Bio info.

    For example, social AND marketing  or social marketing returns users with both of these two words

  • The operator OR ( or + ) returns search results with users who have either word in their Bio info

    For example, social OR marketing or social + marketing returns all users with either of these two words

  • The operator NOT ( or ) returns search results with users without that specific word in their Bio info

    For example, social NOT marketing or social -marketing returns users with social but not marketing

  • Single ('...') or Double ("...") quotations search for an exact phrase

    For example, 'social marketing' or "social marketing” will return search results with users containing the exact same phrase in their Bio info

  • To specify search categories (bio, location), they must be followed by a colon (:)

    For example, bio:marketing AND location:London or (bio:marketing OR bio:social) AND (location:Madrid OR location:London)

    If you don’t specify a search category and, for example, enter the term ‘marketing‘ this will be searched in both bio and location categories.
  • Parentheses can be used to force the priority of the operators.

    For example, the following two searches would return different results:

    1. (bio:social OR bio:marketing) AND location:Madrid
    2. bio:social OR (bio:marketing AND location:Madrid)

To get an even more refined list, you can even use Filters that will show only those profiles that are meaningful to you.

Tip: Use "Exclude by list" > "Exclude previously followed users" Filter to eliminate from the search results, the users you've followed in the past.

Here's a short video demonstrating the use of various Operators in Power Search: