How Can I Divide My Audience On Twitter Into Different Segments?

Tags feature on Statusbrew allows you to group together different users from your Audience under a specific Tag. You can consider each Tag as a unique name given to the group of users from your Twitter community with common attributes such as verified followers, loyal customers, sales leads, advertisers, social marketers and startup publications.

Unlike Lists, a Tag does not have a limit to the number of users that can be added to it. Lists limit the number of users to a maximum of 5,000.

Different Ways Of Applying Tags

Depending on how you apply Tags to users, they are categorized in the following two ways:

  1. Manual Tags - Tags that are manually created by you to segment and manage your own audience.

  2. Auto Tags - Auto Tags that are automatically created by the system to segment and manage the users followed from different user profiles. These are also known as Conversions

A list of Tags that can be viewed by selecting Tags option from Criteria drop-down menu under Audience > Manage section.

The information displayed for Tags comprises of the following:

  • The Number of Followers under the particular Tag

  • The Total Number of users grouped within that particular Tag

  • The percentage of the Number of Followers to the Total Users who are grouped under a Tag

How To Create And Apply Tags To Your Twitter Audience?

  1. Login to Statusbrew
  2. Navigate to Audience > Manage
  3. Choose Tags from the criteria drop-down menu
  4. Click on Create Tag button on the top-right of your activity screen
  5. Give your Tag a name and click on Create Tag

Create and Apply Tags to Twitter Audience

Once your Tag is created, in order to apply Tag to a user, follow the steps given below:

  1. Navigate to Audience > Manage
  2. Choose any listfrom the the criteria drop-down menu. For example, My Followers
  3. Apply required Filters
  4. Now, select the users from the activity screen and from the multi-select actions menu, click on Apply a Tag
  5. Click on Add button beside one of the previously created Tags

Now, you can access these users anytime by selecting 'Tags' option from Criteria drop-down menu.

How To Delete Or Remove Users From Tags?

  1. Under Audience > Manage, Choose Tags from the criteria drop-down menu
  2. If you wish to delete a tag entirely, click on Delete and it will remove the tag from all the users under that tag
  3. Otherwise, click on the tag name you'd like to remove users from
  4. Now, select the users from the activity screen and from the multi-select actions menu, click on Apply a Tag
  5. Click on Add and then Remove button beside the Tag from which you want to remove users*

Delete or Remove Users from Tags

Refresh the page to confirm you've removed the above users from the current Tag

*A separate Remove from Tags button would be provided soon

Learn more about how we automatically Tag the people you follow from different user profiles under Conversions.