What Is The Source Feature For Twitter On Statusbrew?

Source feature in the Audience section of the app is a powerful way to discover and grow your audience on Twitter with the users most relevant to you. Source Feature is the ability to add Twitter profiles, Keywords or Hashtags and Public lists and monitor their audience in comparison to yours. You can add Sources to your Statusbrew account only for Twitter. 

What can be added as a Source?

Sources, as described below, are of three types: 

  1. Twitter Profile as Source: You can add a Twitter profile as Source to the Statusbrew account. These profiles could be, for example, influencers in the field of your interest or even a competitor brand or business.
  2. Keyword or Hashtag as Source: It is important to keep a track of and monitor keywords and hashtags on Twitter that are not just relevant but also help you discover people who are talking about them.
  3. Public List as Source: To discover and build interactions with most influential profiles in the relevant areas of interests you can add Public Lists created by some other Twitter user. For example, you can add public lists of marketers, bloggers as a Source to the Statusbrew account.
Source Profile

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Where to find a Source after adding it?

  1. Once you've added a Source of your need, head to the Audience section of the Twitter profile you want to compare it to. On the Audience page, just below the name of your Twitter profile, you'll find the option to 'Select Source'.Select Source
  2. Click on 'Select Source' to view the list of your Sources. Select the Source you want and you'll get an updated Criteria Menu that provides with various options regarding Tracking, Source Followers and Source Following as shown in the image below.Source List


Advantages Of Using Twitter Source Feature:

  • You can monitor the growth and keep a track of the followers of any third-party profile. 
  • Compare your own social community on Twitter with that of the Source profile. 
  • Apply Filters on the list of users of the Source to narrow down your target audience.
  • Profiles followed from a specific Source get grouped under Conversion that lets you observe the follow-back rate.
  • Perform Bulk Actions on the audience using Multi-Select.

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Source feature is available only with the premium subscription on Statusbrew. You can add as many Sources you would like, depending upon the subscription plan.

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