How To Easily Start A Conversation With Your New Followers?

Sparking off the first conversation with your new Twitter followers helps you connect with them better and create a lasting first impression. Because Automatic Welcome DMs and Tweets are now forbidden for all the third-party applications as per the updated Twitter Automation Rules, we make this easier for you with the combination of both permitted automation and personal touch.

Here’s how you can make sure you Send a DM or a Tweet to each of your New Follower, without missing or repeating anyone.

Step 1: Setup Rule for Automatic Tagging

We'll make sure each and every of your new follower gets segmented under a Tag so that you do not miss out anyone.
For this, 

  1. Navigate to Compass > Rule Builder
  2. Choose the Twitter profile, click on Create New Rule and Name it
  3. Select Event as 'Follows You' and click next
  4. Select or ignore Filtering Conditions and click next
  5. Select Rule Action as Add Tag
  6. Select your pre-created Tag and save the rule

From now on, all the Followers you get would automatically be tagged.

Step 2: Sending New Followers a DM or a Tweet

For this, 

  1. Navigate to Audience > Manage
  2. From the criteria down-down menu, choose Tags
  3. Click on the name of the Tag you had assigned to the rule in Step 1
  4. Select the people from the activity screen and open the Multi-select actions menu (refer video below)
  5. Click on Mention or Send a DM to perform the corresponding action
  6. Type your message and click on next
    Note: For DM and Mention actions, make use of our variables like {username}, {name}, {first_name} and {last_name}. These would automatically be replaced by the actual username, full name, first name or last name (respectively) of the person who mentions you. The {username} variable is necessary to be included while choosing the 'Mention user in a tweet' action.
  7. Push the DMs or Tweets by clicking on the send icons next to your selected profiles

This will instantaneously send them the DM or Tweet.

Step 3: Remove them from Tags

It is important to remove them from this Tag to avoid repetition of the same people, the next time you perform the Step 2.

The people you previously selected remain selected after you send them a DM or Tweet. So simply,

  1. Click on the Multi-select actions menu and choose Apply a Tag
  2. Reclick Add and then Remove from the Tag they're currently assigned to
  3. Click on Cancel and refresh the page.

You will now see that all the previously selected users have now been removed from the current Tag. If you’re on any of our premium plans, you can send upto 1000 DMs and 2400 Mentions per day. Read more about additional Twitter Limits which apply depending upon your profile size.

Tip: Select users and send DMs or Tweets in batches of upto 100. This will help you keep a track of the users you've already performed the action for, just in case you hit the Twitter limits midway.

Read about the automation rules you can set up when someone Mentions you or Retweets you post here.