How To Add Add Keyword Or Hashtag As Source To Your Statusbrew Account?

Adding a keyword or a trending hashtag as a Source to your Statusbrew account can connect you to users who are actively talking about it. This is a great way to discover users who would be interested in the service or product you are offering or in the area of expertise that you possess and these users will find useful to connect with you.

Tracking users with Keyword as a Source could be useful in three key ways:

  • Connecting with people of your field. For example, when using keyword marketing you can connect with users who are the most relevant. Initiating a conversation or following such users can help you convert them into your customers in the long run. You can address their concerns via a DM or a Tweet and do onboarding or upselling.

  • Participating in a trending Hashtag. For example, hashtags run by brands such as #McDstories or organizers around events such as #Rio2016.

  • You may source a Hashtag run by another business or brand to know how the audience in general is interacting.

How to Add Keyword as a Source?

To add a Keyword/Hashtag as a Source, follow the steps given below:

  • Log in to your Statusbrew account on

  • Select the Organization or Personal Accounts from the dashboard.

  • Click on 'Add Sources'.

Add Source
  • Choose the option Add Keyword/Hashtag 'Search' and enter the same.

Source Search
  • Confirm by clicking 'Add Source'.

  • This will add the Twitter profile as a Source on your dashboard.  

  • To view the Source profile details, head to the Audience section of the Twitter profile you want to compare it to. On the Audience page, just below the name of your Twitter profile, you'll find the option to 'Select Source'.

Select Source
  • Click on 'Select Source' to view the list of your Sources. Select the Source you want and you'll get an updated Criteria Menu that provides with various options regarding Tracking, Source Followers and Source Following.

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