How To Add Public List As Source To Your Statusbrew Account?

Lists on Twitter are set of profiles that you group together based on certain common attributes. For instance, you could group together profiles of all the social media marketers that you like to follow to a list and name it as 'Social Marketers Favorites'. These lists can then be made either public - visible to anyone on Twitter or Private. You can add upto a maximum of 5,000 users in one List.

You can add Lists to your Statusbrew account as a Source. This gives you the list of all the members added to it and also a direct comparison of the list (profiles added to it) with your profile.

Adding Twitter List as a Source is a great way to build interactions with users in the field of your interest. You can Source various Public Lists and make a direct comparison of the users in the list with that of your Audience.

The members of a particular List are stated as follows:

  • Members Following You

  • Members Not Following You

  • Members Not Followed by You

  • Members Not Following Back

  • Members Mutuals

  • Members Fans

Tip: You can also add one of your own Lists as a Source and view your relationship with the members added to it.

How To Add Public List As A Source?  

To add Public List as a Source, follow the steps given below:

  • Login to your Statusbrew account on

  • Select the Organization or Personal Accounts from the dashboard.

  • Click 'Add Sources'.

Add Source
  • Choose the option Add a Public Twitter 'List'.

Source List
  • Fill-in the @username/Listname in the blank. For example, @statusbrew/marketers

  • Click 'Add Source'.

  • This will add the Twitter List as a Source on your dashboard.  

  • To view the Twitter List details, head to the Audience section of the Twitter profile you want to compare it to. On the Audience page, just below the name of your Twitter profile, you'll find the option to 'Select Source'.


Select Source
  • Click on 'Select Source' to view the list of your Sources. Select the Source you want and you'll get an updated Criteria Menu that provides with various options regarding Tracking, Source Followers and Source Following.

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