How To Add Twitter Profile As Source To Your Statusbrew Account?

Adding Twitter profile as a Source to your Statusbrew account is one of the most efficient ways to discovering the relevant set of users to add to your community on Twitter. It also empowers you to keep track of how the audience of a person or an entity you are interested in is evolving over time with respect to followers and unfollowers.  

For instance, if you started a new ice cream shop in New York City and want to capture customers of another famous ice cream brand in the vicinity then you could add that brand's Twitter handle as a Source and connect with their fans and customers.

What all can I achieve after adding a Twitter profile as Source?

Adding a Twitter profile as Source enables you to use other features within the Statusbrew app to smartly understand users relevant to you and grow your own community.

  • View audience - You can examine the followers and the latest unfollowers of the Source profile just like viewing your own community base in the Audience activity screen. You can view the list of their New Followers, New Unfollowers, Fans, Mutual Followback and Not Following Back. Subsequently, you can even perform follow actions on those Twitter users.
  • Track mentions - You can track the mentions of the Source profile on Twitter. For example, the users who are complaining about your competitor can be your prospective customers. You can follow them or engage with them through a DM or Tweet.
  • Comparison - Make a direct comparison between your own Twitter community and that of your competitor by selecting a Criteria from the category of Source Followers/Source Following.
  • Filters and Source - Apply Filters to further streamline audience. Profiles followed from a specific Source get grouped under Conversion that lets you observe the follow-back rate.

How to Add Twitter Profile as a Source?

  • Log in to your Statusbrew account on

  • Select the Organization or Personal Accounts from the dashboard.

  • Click 'Add Source'.

Add Source
  • Choose the option Add Twitter Source Profile.

Source Profile
  • Fill-in the Twitter handle of the user. For example, @chiax.

  • Confirm by clicking 'Add Source'.

  • This will add the Twitter profile as a Source on your dashboard.  

To view the Source profile details, you can go to your Audience section and follow these steps.

  • Head to the Audience section of the Twitter profile you want to compare it to. On the Audience page, just below the name of your Twitter profile, you'll find the option to 'Select Source'.
Select Source
  • Click on 'Select Source' to view the list of your Sources. Select the Source you want and you'll get an updated Criteria Menu that provides with various options regarding Tracking, Source Followers and Source Following as shown in the image below
Source Audience

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