What Is The Source Feature For Twitter On Statusbrew?

Source feature in the Audience section of the app is a powerful way to discover and grow your audience on Twitter with the users most relevant to you. Source Feature is the ability to add Twitter profiles and Keywords (or Hashtags) and monitor their audience in comparison to yours. You can add Sources to your Statusbrew account only for Twitter. It is exclusive to Business plan users and Statusbrew web.

What Can Be Added As A Source?

A Source can be:

  1. Twitter profile which could be a brand, business competitor or an influencer in the field of your interest for which you'd like to evolve over time in comparison to your own
  2. Keyword or Trending Hashtag you would want to track i.e. a service or product you provide or a pain-point you solve

*Adding a Twitter List as a Source is now discontinued.


Once they’re added as Sources in Statusbrew, you’ll be able to track their Audience in comparison to yours. If the source is a competitor profile, you’ll find everything from that competitor’s loyal Fans, to their New Unfollowers (so you have a chance to grab them). If the source is a keyword or #hashtag, you’ll be able to see all the users actively talking about that topic. You can engage on the topic or follow users of that topic.

How To Add And Use A Source?

Add and Use Sources

To Add A Source:

  1. Login to Statusbrew
  2. From the button on the bottom left, navigate to Admin > App Settings
  3. Click on Add Source
  4. Choose Profiles or Search, enter the profiles @username or search #keyword and click on Add source
  5. Once you've added a Source, it takes upto 60 minutes as per the source size*, for our system to collect source data for the first time.

*Only profile sources upto 600K followers can be added.

To Use A Source:

  1. After you login, navigate to Audience > Manage
  2. Choose your Twitter profile you want to compare Source to, from the drop-down arrow, just above the Filters menu on your left
  3. Choose a Source profile or keyword corresponding to your Twitter profile

You'll get an updated Criteria drop-down menu that provides with various options regarding Tracking, Source Followers and Source Following as shown in the GIF above.

What All Can I Achieve By Adding A Twitter Profile As Source?

Adding a Twitter profile as Source enables you to use other features within the Statusbrew app to smartly understand users relevant to you and grow your own community.

  • View Audience - You can examine the followers and the latest unfollowers of the Source profile just like viewing your own community base in the Audience activity screen. You can view the list of their New Followers, New Unfollowers, Fans, Mutual Followback and Not Following Back. Subsequently, you can even perform follow actions on those Twitter users
  • Track Mentions - You can track the mentions of the Source profile on Twitter. For example, the users who are complaining about your competitor can be your prospective customers. You can follow them or engage with them through a DM or Tweet
  • Comparison - Make a direct comparison between your own Twitter community and that of your competitor by selecting a Criteria from the category of Source Followers/Source Following
  • Filters and Source - Apply Filters to further streamline audience. Profiles followed from a specific Source get grouped under Conversions that let you observe the follow-back rate

What All Can I Achieve By Adding A Twitter Keyword As Source?

  • Identify Influencers - Connect with people of your field. For example, when using keyword marketing you can connect with users who are the most relevant. Initiating a conversation or following such users can help you convert them into your customers in the long run. You can address their concerns via a DM or a Tweet and do on-boarding or up-selling
  • Twitter Chats - Participate in Chats or track trending Hashtags. For example, hashtags run by brands such as #McDstories or organizers around events such as #Rio2016
  • Observation - You may source a Hashtag run by another business or brand to know how the audience, in general, is interacting

Conversions give you the follow-back rate of Source you follow from. Want to know how powerful Sources is, ask for a Business plan trial from our team here