How Can I Sort Out Relevant Profiles And Remove Unwanted User Profiles From My Audience?

The best way to sort out users from your Audience is by using Filters. A Filter is a set of restrictions applied to your Audience with which you can hide away unwanted users and view only the most relevant profiles who comply with the conditions defined by you. By using multiple filters simultaneously, you can further narrow down to most relevant profiles.

What Types of Filters Can You Apply To Sort Out Users From Your Audience?

Once you select a criteria you can streamline the user list on the activity screen by applying filters to it. Filters are available to be applied to the various criteria under Tracking and Segments. The filters are listed to the right of your Activity Screen. It’s divided into two tabs - Quick and Advance.

Quick Filters

These are generic filters that can be quickly selected to save time and find relevant profiles.

Quick Filters Menu
  • Tweet Frequency: Filter users on the basis of the ones who often Tweet or the ones who seldom.
  • Inactivity: Filter out inactive users on the basis of their last activity time.
  • Followers to Following Ratio: More Followers than Following or more Following than Followers.
  • Profile Image: With or without profile image.
  • Verified Profiles: To view only the profiles Verified by Twitter (the ones with a Blue Tick showing their authenticity).
  • Profile Privacy: Public or Private.
  • Zombie Profiles: FIlter out bot/fake profiles.
  • Non-English: See profiles in languages other than English.
  • Interesting Profiles: Ones that are quite active and people usually like/retweet their posts.

Advance Filters

These filters can be customized as per your preferences. We highly recommend that you create your favorite filter by applying multiple filters as per your need and save it as a Preset Filter to save a lot of your time by not having to create it each time. Advance Filters can further be segregated as Activity and Demographics Filters. 

Advance Filters
  • Activity Filters: These let you filter users based on their activity on the social network such as Number of Followers or Following, Age of Account, etc.
  • Demographics Filters: These let you filter users based on their demographic attributes such as Languages and Timezones.
  • Tags: You may include or exclude users that already segmented under some tag defined by use.

You can even save Filters Presets by giving them a name for future use. This will help you save tons of time the next time you view a list of users, without the need to create filters each time.

Learn in detail about Activity Filters or Demographic Filters.