How Do I Check My Followers and Unfollowers From Statusbrew?

Your Audience on Twitter can be broadly checked by 2 ways:

  1. Insights:
    This gives you two options ‘Overview’ and ‘Conversion’.
    Overview gives you a graphical data about you New Followers/Unfollowers, your Activity and much more. You can now see your progress as compared to a week ago and plan your growth in the best way.
    Conversion lets you analyze your growth, by seeing which sources are more interested in you by checking the follow-back rate if you’ve used the Copy Followers/Following feature.

  2. Tracking:
    Under this, you can track your Audience by seeing your: 

  • Everyone Following You: This gives the list of all those users who follow you. 
  • New Unfollowers: This gives a list of users who unfollowed you recently.
  • New Followers: This gives a list of connections who followed you recently.
  • Not Following Back: People who do not follow you back.
  • Mutual Followback: People whom you follow and they follow you back.
  • Everyone You Follow: This gives a list of all those users whom you follow.
  • New Unfollowing: These are the user profiles that you have unfollowed recently or before.
  • New Following: These are the user profiles that you have recently followed.
  • Fans: These are the user profiles who follow you, but you do not follow back.

Selecting a specific Criteria from the list, you can view all the user profiles under it.


Applying filters after choosing criteria:

Once you select a criteria you can streamline the user list on the activity screen by applying filters to it. With the aid of filters, you can skim out all inactive, fake and spam profiles, so that you only have a relevant list of users to perform follow actions.

The filters are listed to the right of your Activity Screen. You can select multiple filters from the list to get desired results.

Learn more about filters and how to use them, from the articles listed below: