How Do I Segment My Twitter Audience Automatically?

What Is 'Conversion' (Auto-Tagging)?

Conversion feature in the Audience segments users you follow from one of the Twitter profiles added as Source. You will find it under the Insights criterion in the left column of Audience section.

Conversion enables you to:

  • Watch how many of the people that you followed, followed you back, so that you can improve your follow strategy.
  • Keep track of the changes in your community and also compare it with other Source profiles that you have added to your Statusbrew account.
  • Know the conversion rate i.e. the ratio of the number of followers who followed you back to the total number of people you followed from that source.
  • Based upon this analysis, you can perform follow/unfollow actions or also initiate a conversation through Bulk Messaging. 

How does Conversion work?

Once you add a Source to your Statusbrew account, the system automatically tracks the actions you perform associated with it. Thereafter, all the users that you follow from that specific Source are added to it. This process of automatic clustering of users is shown as Conversion. User profiles can also be assigned tags manually.

Similarly, users you follow after using the Copy Followers feature will also be shown under conversion automatically.

In the image shown below, you can see the Conversion stats that were created automatically for the Twitter source.


Unique Auto Tag


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