Should I go with the Essential or Business plan?

Which is better for me- Business or essential?

Many of our customers and clients often get confused when choosing the right pricing option for them while subscribing to Statusbrew. They often tend to compare the two plans that we have- Essential and Business, mere on the basis of their pricing. But, more than the pricing, those plans are focussed on the use case and feature access! 

Needs while managing your social media individually and while managing it with a social media team will definitely vary, also, in accordance with the audience segments. And, come what may, we’d always want our users to make the best of our their subscriptions. Hence, we have a range of dynamic features that can help both the teams and the individuals to derive the best from their social media efforts come what may your use case be.

How do the subscription plans differ in terms of the use case?

Ideally, we considered two use cases while conceptualizing the subscription plans.

  • First, being the Personal or the Individual use case where the engagement is supposedly very basic, where engaging on social media by publishing and managing the audience around Twitter would be the most necessitated tasks of social media management.
  • The other use case was where there are social media management teams which are taking care of the larger audience segments and which focusses upon the lead conversion as well.

Compiling the use cases, we introduced the Essential Plan for individuals, freelancers, Solo entrepreneurs, Travel Bloggers and social media marketers who manage their multiple social network profiles without working in teams. This plan was potential enough to cater most of the individual social media needs like managing the social media publishing and audience engagements.

Then for the latter use case, we had a wider scope because we considered the business and teams. So, the Business Plan was strategized for the teams and businesses of every scale and complexity. It allows Businesses, Brands, Agencies, Social entrepreneurs and Marketers who handle multiple brand accounts and a larger segment of the audience to effectively manage their social media. Also, there are many other features for the Business plan users that would help them to ease out their social media management agenda which we’ll talk about further ahead.

Now, these two uses cases were considered quite ideally for which we defined the margins of the features that the two of our subscription plans would have. However, even if you are an individual user, there would be some features (actually many) in the Business plan which would prove out to be the bow for your arrows!

Now, to compare the Essential and the Business plans even further, click here!

What are the most beneficial features of the Business plan subscription on Statusbrew?

With the most dynamic features to manage your social media audience and multichannel publishing, the Business plan will help you make the best out of Statusbrew.   

Have a look at the few highlighted features of the Business plan below:

  • Access to a much viable brand management 

Brand management is one common agenda while managing your social media amongst various contenders around. Sources feature is the exclusive Business plan feature which would give you the access to monitor everything related to the Audience of your competitor profiles, eventually helping you to have an eagle's eye view of your brand management. And, not only that, you’ll also be able to apply filters to target the right kind of prospects from your Source which would help you to focus on the quality audience. You can also add a Hashtag keyword as your Source to trace the audience it is associated with! And, there is much more. Click here to know more about Sources! 

  • Team access and Organization

The team access and the Organization feature in the Business plan enables the monitoring and collaboration between team members in sync. The idea behind was that there shouldn’t be a scope of two subsets of actions overlapping each other. Hence, while adding a team member, the Admin defines the feature access of that team member on that dashboard thereby ensuring that it doesn’t intervene with the work of the other team member. Hence managing a team instinctively gets easier with the Business plan! 

  • Powerful Reporting and Analytics

You’ll know the statistics to your engagements and everything else related to what you have been catering to your audiences with because of the powerful reporting section which is the part of our Business subscription. You can compare your performance stats with the past week month or any time-frame of reference which would help you analyze your audience trends and thereby strategize better with your content.

  • Unrestricted access to all other Statusbrew features

As a Business plan user, you’ll have the most surfeit access to all the Statusbrew features. Some of them being: 

  • Scheduling up to 1000 posts per social media profile on your dashboard. For essential users, it is 100 posts per social media.
  • Up to 100 RSS feed Sources which would help you generate automated content. For essential users, it is limited to 25.
  • Exclusive Premium access to all the latest features coming up like Content Pool, Engage Section, drag and drop in the editorial calendar 

And much more!

Hence, even while starting with the trial, we’d recommend starting with the Business trial only because it would define the exact caliber of Statusbrew as a catalyst to your social media management. Also, the essential plan is a subset of our Business plan.

So, we’d recommend starting up with the Business plan to kickstart your social media management agenda because whether you are an individual working alone or with a team, this plan would provide you with the unified access to all your social media needs!

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