Manage Social Audience

Statusbrew gives you a host of features that empowers you to build a strong social media presence. Finding and connecting with the most relevant people be it your fans, customers or potential leads should never be a hassle. And Statusbrew ensures you are equipped with the right set of tools to building lasting connections that matter.

Track Your Audience

Discover who followed, unfollowed you. Keep a complete log of your Fans, Mutual Follow Back, Not Following Back and perform follow/unfollow actions at a button’s click. You can detect zombies and Fake profiles and connect with most influential profiles using Filters.

Organize your Social Community  

Social world is all about effective interactions. Manage your audience using tools such as Block, Mute, Whitelist, etc. You can also create Tags internally for effective organization.   

Automate Your Tasks

Save time and add value to your business by automating your Welcome DMs and Tweets. Set multiple DMs and Tweets to welcome your New Followers. You can also create your own Automation rules using Rule Builder.

Grow Seamlessly Across Networks

Grow in value, not just in numbers. Search users via hashtag and keywords. Use Source Feature to keep an eye on your competitor’s growth and increase your following using tools such as Copy Followers/Following.