How Can I Divide My Audience On Twitter And Instagram Into Different Segments?

Tags feature on Statusbrew allows you to group together different users from your Audience under a specific Tag. You can consider each Tag as a unique name given to the group of users from your Twitter community with common attributes such as loyal customers, sales leads, advertisers, social marketers and startup publications.

Unlike Lists, a Tag does not have a limit to the number of users that can be added to it. Lists limit the number of users to a maximum of 5,000.

Different Ways Of Applying Tags

Depending on how you apply Tags to users, they are categorized in the following two ways:

  • Manual Tags - Tags that are manually created by you to segment and manage your own audience.

  • Conversions - Auto Tags that are automatically created by the system to segment and manage the users followed from different user profiles.

A list of Tags that can be viewed by clicking on the 'Tags' option from Segments option in the Criterion column in Audience section comprises of the following:

  • The number of Followers under the particular Tag.

  • The total number of users grouped within that particular Tag.

  • Conversion is the percentage of the number of 'Followers' to the 'Total Users' who are grouped under a Tag.


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