What Are The Different Actions Allowed That I Can Perform From Statusbrew On My Audience In Bulk?

In order to efficiently manage Audience and save time, you can use Bulk Updates where you can select multiple users from the list and perform the same action on all the profiles in one go. Bulk messaging is an empowering tool in social marketers' kits to target relevant users with personalized messages.

You can perform the following actions in Bulk:  

  • Mention/Direct Message: To establish a round of communication with your Followers by creating personalized Tweets or Direct messages in bulk.

  • Tag: To review a list and simultaneously Tag multiple users for effective management. 

  • List: (Add/Remove): To add or remove multiple users from the same List.

  • Whitelist: To prevent accidental unfollow of influential followers in your List.  

  • Mute: To mute multiple user profiles from being shown on your Tweet wall at a single stance.

How to perform Bulk Actions?

To perform bulk actions on your Audience:

  • Choose a criterion from the left column of the Audience Section. For example, Mutual Followback.

  • Now, select the users from the list by clicking on the user profile. Make sure you're using the 'list view' style.

  • The Filters column on the right side of activity screen will change to Bulk updates menu.

  • Select the action you would like to perform. For example, Whitelist.

  • Upon selection, appropriate action will be performed. Here the selected users would be added to the Whitelist.




Can I send personalized DMs or Tweets in Bulk?  

Sending a message in bulk to a large number of users in your Audience in an effectively easy way of communicating.

Since you choose to do so by specifying a user's name or its profile handle it also lead to a personal round of communication and help connect with your Audience more closely.

To send a DM or a Mention Tweet in bulk.

  • Choose a criterion from the left column of the Audience section.

  • Select the users whom you’d like to send a DM or a mention Tweet. Make sure you're using the 'list view' style.

  • Choose the option Mention/ Direct Message.

  • In case of DM, create a personalized DM and place the following token where you’d like to insert the user’s full name or their Twitter handle in the message. The available tokens are:

- For user full Name: {name}

- For user’s Twitter handle: {username}

  • Click next. The next screen will show you the preview of your DM. Click the button to the right, to send the DM to corresponding user.

Here's a demo video of the same:

Thus helping you with better interactions with your target audience in a very less time!