Where Can I Review Posts That Are Ready For Editorial Review On The Statusbrew Social Publishing Planner?

Approval List section in the Social Publishing Planner on Statusbrew gives a detailed overview of the social publishing content in the pipeline that is ready for review by the editor in the team.

What All Can I Do With Posts Queued In Approval List Section?

Each post for approval is represented as a ticket with the following parts-  

  • Scheduled Posting Time - When the post will be published on the designated social channel(s). If the posting time is a customized time and does not belong to any specific Schedule it is highlighted and also described with appropriate text below - Custom.
  • Message - Text part of the Post to be published.
  • Media - Any image or GIF included in the post. In the list view we only show one image and rest are referred to as a number, to a maximum of 4 (including the image displayed).
  • Social network - Social network (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) that the post will be posted on.
  • Social Channel - This gives the social profile the post will be published on.

Each post has the following action buttons:

a.) Approve - Approves the post and subsequently sends it to the Scheduled Posts list

b.) Delete - Deletes the post, permanently