How Do I Create A CSV File To Schedule Via Bulk Publish On Statusbrew?

There are two possible CSV layouts that can be imported via the Bulk Publish tool on Statusbrew. A CSV file contains two or three columns depending on the type of CSV file - Pre-select Schedule or Date-time based CSV.

Step 1 - While creating posts, follow the format specified for each column mentioned below:

  • Date - Time column- When you choose to upload the Date-time CSV file, the posting date and time must be in the following format - “mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm.” For example, if you want to set a custom publishing time for the post on  “3:30 PM on December 2, 2016,” you will need to enter “12/02/2016 15:30” or "02/12/2016 15:30". 
  • Message column - This includes the text for your post - Tweet, Instagram caption or Facebook Page post. This could also include the URL to accompany the text message, except for Instagram where it will not be an active link but only text as the post is published on Instagram.
  • Image URL column - This is the URL to the image that accompanies the post. The image URL must be publicly accessible.

Step 2 - The next step is to create a list of posts in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets according to the aforementioned column pattern and save the file or export it in the .CSV format. The final CSV file is then ready to be uploaded.

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