What Are The Different Types Of CSV Files That I Can Upload Using Bulk Publish On Statusbrew?

You can upload CSV file in one of the two possible layouts depending on whether you assign posting date and time to each post individually or assign a previously created Schedule to the list of posts in the CSV file. Each CSV file can contain upto 300 posts at a time.

The two types of CSV layouts are described below:

  • The Pre-select Schedule layout contains the post message (including the URL if any) and an image URL (if any). Image URLs must always be a publicly accessible link and can be created popular services like [Imgur](http://imgur.com]. With this type of file you can assign a Schedule from the list of previously created Schedules and the posts will be published accordingly in the cycle of posting times and days. This is the best way of letting the system push the posts live and not worrying about times for every post separately. You can also download the sample CSV here.


Pre-select Schedule CSV


  • The Date-Time based layout contains a third column where the user needs to specify date and unique time of posting for each post. You can download the sample CSV here.


Date-time CSV

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