How To Upload and Schedule Content In Bulk For Different Social Channels Using Statusbrew?

Prepare Publishing Content In Volume

Content teams managing social media planning and creating marketing campaigns at a large scale often come up with posts in voluminous numbers. These are sometimes for cross channel publishing or specific to particular social channel. 

Bulk Publish tool within the Publish section of Statusbrew enables you to schedule content at scale for different social channels. Bulk Publish is a simple, quick and easy way of scheduling large volume of posts that are part of campaigns or belong to different categories of interests for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Pages. You can upload upto 300 posts at once and schedule them all for future publishing.

You can create a CSV (comma separated value) file that contains all the posts, including images and import it to the Statusbrew account. You will have the flexibility to upload from among two types of CSV files, depending upon whether the posts are assigned posting date and time individually or they are to be published according to one of the previously created Schedules.

Learn more about the type of CSV files that can be created, here

The image below shows the Bulk Publish section in Publish:


Bulk Publish

Who Should Use Bulk Publishing?

Bulk Publish empower brands, marketers, advertisers, businesses and even individuals - influencers, freelancers to be more productive and focused on curating the right content that resonates with their target audiences, attracting customers and in an effort to take the brand to the top in the industry.