How To Use Bulk Publish With Post Recycler On Statusbrew?

Post Recycling requires addition of posts that can be published in a repeating cycle according to a specified Schedule. For a user adding each post individually could be time consuming. The ability to add upto 300 posts at one go using Bulk Publish upload, you can add upto 300 posts to a post Recycler. For example if you have created a Post Recycler to publish tips about using your online service, upload a CSV file which enlists 50-70 of the best tips for users.

When adding posts to a Post Recycler, you can directly use the 'Upload CSV' option to import a CSV file.

Note: In case of users without a subscription plan, only 50 posts are allowed to be added to a recycler. Whereas, premium users can add upto 300 posts to a recycler.


Post Recycler Bulk Publish