Can I Use One Of My Previously Created Schedules With Bulk Publish?

Yes. Bulk Publish is a versatile tool that enables you to take advantage of one of the previously created multiple Schedules. For example, from the list of Schedules you may choose to assign the Schedule for Summer Promotions created for posts that are part of the campaign associated with Summer Promotions offers. 

You can match Schedules that are created for certain set of categories and topics or locations with specific CSV files that are created with posts of certain topics or keeping in mind users of specific geography, respectively.

For example you could upload a CSV of posts in Japanese to run a marketing campaign in Tokyo and another CSV with posts in English to target users in New York City. Now for these two different types of CSV you can create and assign Schedules for Tokyo and New York City respectively. Schedules created will factor in the behavior of users with respect to peak hour of engagement on social networks, which is likely to differ for both of these geographies.


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