FAQs: Create Post

Below are some frequently asked questions while creating or scheduling a post:

Q1. What are my character limits for different social media handles?

Below are the character limits that are supposed to be taken care of while creating your posts:
Twitter: 280
Instagram: 2,200
Facebook: 5,000
LinkedIn: 700
Google+: 5,000

Q2. LinkedIn allows 1300 characters if I post natively. Why am I allowed only 700 here?

LinkedIn allows all third-party apps including Statusbrew to publish a post containing only 700 characters from its API.

Q3. Can I add emojis to my text while creating a Post?

Yes 🎉

Q4. Can I use any other file format to bulk upload my posts?

No, we only support standard CSV file format for bulk upload. Here is how you can do it.

@5. How many images can I upload per post?

You can upload up to 4 images in a post when creating a post from Create Post section. But for Instagram and Google+, only the first image will be published. When creating a post using bulk upload, you can add only 1 image link per post.
If you are uploading GIF images, only 1 image (the first GIF) is published to the scheduled social profile.

Q6. Can I add GIF links instead of the images in my CSV?

Yes you can but make sure the links are publicly accessible. To check that, open the link in a new Incognito Tab on your browser.

Q7. What should be the maximum size of my image/GIF that I am uploading?

Your image/GIF should not b more than 4MB in size

Q8. For which social media networks can I bulk upload my posts?

You can schedule your post with CSV upload tool for all the connected social channels one at a time.

Q9. My posts aren't going at the time that I added in my Date and time-based CSV. What should I do?

If you are adding your posting times within your CSV file, the interface will assume that the dates and times that you have added are in the GMT format. Hence, make sure that you add your scheduling times in the GMT format.

Q10. I am a windows user. I tried to save my CSV properly but it is still showing some errors. What should I do?

We recommend Windows users to set UTF-8 as their default character encoding to avoid upload errors. All the CSVs should be saved in the UTF-8 encoding only.


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