How Can I Create And Manage My Entire Social Publishing Calendar For Different Channels From A Single Dashboard Using Statusbrew?

Statusbrew Social Publishing Planner enables you create, view and manage all your publishing content for different social channels while working in a team. Planner is the first page that you see when Publish section is opened.

The Planner On The Web Consists Of Two Main Sections -

  • Scheduled Posts: This includes the queue of all the posts that are scheduled to be published.
  • Approval list: This includes posts that are ready for editorial review before they can be seen queued for publishing on the scheduled posting day and time.

Planner for mobile application currently comprises of the Scheduled posts section only. Approval List can be accessed from the bottom tap bar in iOS and drawer menu in Android.

Posts Queued In The Planner Are -

  • Sorted by the date and time of publishing.
  • Sorted by social networks and channels.
  • From the Planner you can also create a new post or upload a CSV file using the ‘Bulk Publish’ button to schedule posts in large volume.

Perform The Following Actions On Posts Queued In The Planner:

  • Each post queued can be edited,
  • pushed to live in real time,
  • approved for publishing (approval list), and 
  • deleted.

Planner Empowers Publishing Teams In The Following Ways:

  • Planner gives a detailed overview of the entire publishing calendar for each of your social channels in an Organization.
  • Planner gives a detailed overflow of content in the pipeline.
  • Planner allows you to regulate publishing as well as monitor content in the pipeline. 
  • Planner is unique to an Organization within the Statusbrew account. For example if you have two Organizations, Planner for each Organization will show detailed content plans unique to the Organization you entered form the dashboard after logging in to your Statusbrew account.